Text Messaging / Bulk Messaging Marketing- ahmedabad

Our Text messaging service is best way to target customer and reach them in a very efficient and cost effective way, according to survey the read rate is 96% within 10 minutes when companies use messaging service to present service and product to customers.

A good bond and connection with customer is most important thing to us with the use of our messaging service we create more personal and strong relationship with customer also we guarantee marketing success. We regularly implement  real time offers about sales and product this will attract customer‘s interest and trust in our brand’s name, we keep our messages short and simple so that customer can easily understand within instant of time; we understand customer’s personal space so we keep message courteous,  familiar and not too long.


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We provide our text / bulk messaging to small, medium and large business through our cutting edge technologies for sending bulk / mass messages all over India and globally. Bulk messaging are trending nowadays because it keeps customer updated and continuously engaged in our marketing campaign, we respect our client’s need and requirement also customize message accordingly and manage aspect and requirement of customer .